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Pricing -- $60/month for non-profits!!

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What is SchedulesPlus?

SchedulesPlus is a software solution for Senior Centers and other non-profits. It is an easy-to-use, cloud solution for contact management, activity registration, volunteer management, payments, donations, rides, services, mailing lists, surveys, and many other tasks performed daily in your non-profit. In one simple solution, your non-profit can save hundreds of hours and $$$$ annually. Here's a sampling of SchedulesPlus features:

Your Participants can ....

  • Register for activities from home
  • See a history of their interactions
  • Log volunteer hours and view history
  • Take one of your online surveys
  • Make a donation
  • Renew memberships
  • ........ and so much more!!

Save Your Staff time ....

  • With Robust Contact Management
  • Manage all activities & payments
  • Reserve rooms and other resources
  • Manage Rides, Drivers, and Routes
  • Manage mailing lists, email easily
  • Create surveys
  • ......... and so much more!!