SchedulesPlus Pricing & FAQs

Unlimited users, unlimited activities, access anywhere you have a computer, and receive all new functionality at no additional cost!





  • $720 annually paid each January (equivalent to $60/month)
  • Unlimited events, unlimited contacts, unlimited administrators
  • Includes eMail and Telephone Support 8am-4pm CT
  • Year 1 includes: 1 import of people data at no charge.  Additional imports: $40/hour.
  • Year 1 includes: 2 hours of web based training at no charge.  Additional training: $40/hour.
    • CAFE MODULE:  + $30/month
    • VOICE MESSAGING:  $0.05/cents a minute per message recipient
      • Plus $24 annual activation fee (waived after $30 in messages)


(Runs on Internet from any PC)

–> If you are using the administration side only, you can use from any PC you already own.   Requires Google CHROME, or FIREFOX  or SAFARI browser.

–> If you will also implement the CHECK-IN station where your guests can check-in at a touchscreen in your facility, you would need a PC.  Options for this Check-In configuration:

  • Option 1: Use an “All-in-one computer” that is a wall-mountable with a touchscreen monitor.
    • $600-$800  (21″-23″ monitor)
    • $165 for barcode scanner
    • $25 for PC wallmount (if needed)
  • Option 2: Use a PC you already have, but attach a touchscreen monitor.
    • $250 for the touchscreen monitor (21-23″)
    • $165 for the barcode scanner
    • $25 for the monitor wall mount (if needed)
  • Option 3: Use a PC and monitor you already have, and have people checkin using the mouse.

NOTE:  You make your hardware selection and purchases on your own.  These are not purchased through SchedulesPlus.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost of technical support? — There is no additional charge for telephone/email support within business hours. It’s included in the $60/month fee for non-profits.
  • Do I sign a license agreement?  Yes – renews annual as an evergreen license. 120 day notice for cancellation. Fees are non-refundable.
  • How many users can be using it at one time? — Limitless
  • Is this running ‘in the cloud’ (on the internet)?  —  Yes… Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers supported.
  • What is the availability history for the product? — Site is setup with continuous availability real-time redundancy, meaning if 1 site goes down, the other takes over.  2015 & 2016 availability = 100%.
  • Who does the backup? — We do, nightly.
  • Is there a charge if  I need you to restore something that I inadvertently deleted? — Yes.  (As an aid, the system has ‘red warnings’ when you request to delete something, letting you know prior to deletion that the item you are about to delete would be a billable recovery)
  • Is there a max # of records that I can load?   No.
  • Can I import my current data? Are there charges for the initial load?  We will do 1 ‘people’ load as part of your initial start-up, free of charge. If you can get your membership file into one excel spreadsheet, with each field separated in columns, we can import it easily.  Other data loads (donation history) are done for a fee and are sized upon request.
  • What if I need to something customized in the solution? Is there a fee? If it is something that could benefit all parties using the system, there is no charge to add it to system. If it is unique for your account, there is a charge.
  • Can I identify businesses in the system?  For example Dan Smith from AAA Hardware? Businesses are supported in the base PERSON record — if the person is affiliated with a business, you add it to their record.
  • Is there a QuickBooks interface?  No.  But, for every payment or donation made, the QB accounting code can be tied to it.  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or whatever cycle you need, you can export all of the transactions, which list the QB code into a report/CSV file which you can use to quickly add your records into Quickbooks.
  • Does it have a Template Letter Generator? — Yes.  You create any number of templates and use whichever one you like.  You can also mark which donations have had Thank You letters sent out.  You can also export the mailing label addresses as a CSV and merge into your label generation software.
  • Does it have reporting options?  —  Yes. Throughout the product, on nearly every ADMIN panel, there are filters enabling you to create your own customized view of your data.  Additionally, there is a REPORTING section in the product giving you dozens of pre-canned reports, which also have dozens of filters, giving you hundreds of thousands of reporting options with your data.  As you create a report with filters, you can also save that report for re-use later, and if you like, share that report with other ADMIN’s for their use.
  • Can you do Mass emails to large distribution lists?  —  Yes. We can support thousands of email addresses in a single eMail, and we keep a log of emails that your account has sent out, the content of the memo, when it was sent, the subject, and when each recipient received the email.
  • Can people ‘unsubscribe’ if they do not want to receive emails?  —  Yes.
  • What if people do not want to receive any mail (Postal or email) in selected months, or even for the entire year. Can this be easily identified for a person? —  Yes.
  • What if I decide to leave SchedulesPlus in the future…can I get my data? –– You can easily export much of the data through the reporting features that are available.  If you need a more customized export of your data, this is available at a fee.



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